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First a quote; ” “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.” Jack Welch

Many of you may know I started the first chapter of my career as a professional photographer. For several years, the little yellow box with Kodak on the side was an important part of my life. Sadly, that little yellow box is nowhere to be found in the world of digital imagery… or anywhere for that matter. I often marvel at how a giant, a market share leader, known for Kodachrome and superior picture quality could disappear from the photography landscape. One can assume many very smart people worked at Kodak. Mr. Welch’s quote offers an important explanation… the rate of change on the outside, exceeded the rate of change on the inside of Kodak, and the end came swiftly.

How about your organization? Do you have change leaders guiding the way, pushing you and others to new ways of doing things, challenging tired thinking and worn out methods? Are you encouraging continuous learning, experimentation and paradigm pioneering? Do you reward creative thinking?

Can you name two significant changes you, or your team, have made to your business processes in the last six months? Can you name at least two ways in which the needs of your customers (internal or cash-paying external) have changed in the last four months? Are you aware of what changes your competitors have made to their business models in the last two months? Do your competitors fear what your organization might do next?

Complacency is a normal and natural tendency which we must fight continuously. Us humans tend to be comfort seeking creatures. We like to get things the way we like them, and then challenge the world to leave us alone. It is important to note there is danger hiding in our comfort zones.

One of my clients once said, “We must get comfortable, being uncomfortable.” It is true. If we’re not keeping up with the pace of change, either individually, or as an organization, we’re falling behind. We must learn more, and apply what we learn, faster than our competitors.

What change effort will you lead this week? Start small… think big!

Be your best self this week!

Have a great week!!

Bryan Yager


“Expanding Your Capacity for Success”