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First a quote; “Worry is nothing more than the misuse of our imagination.” – Dan Zadra
Our minds are incredible instruments and so amazingly powerful. It is truly hard to comprehend the infinite number of directions we can take our thinking… either by accident, habit or focused intention. Our brains can be used both constructively and destructively. Through our thinking and corresponding actions, we can build, we can destroy, we can heal, and we can hurt… both ourselves and others. We can dream, envision and create. We can also be consumed by worry, anxiety and depression.

That is why I so love Dan Zadra’s quote. “Worry is the misuse of our imagination.” We allow our imagination to construe all kinds of stories of what could go wrong. And, I would not disagree it is indeed wise to at least consider and prepare for possible negative scenarios. This allows us to consider options, alternatives and back up plans. Scenario planning is a foundational skill for the best of strategic thinkers.

However, every minute we allow ourselves to think about what could possibly go wrong, is a minute we’re not using our imagination for good… for dreaming, creating, learning, planning and growing; for focusing on what we can control… our attitudes and actions.

We would all be wise to use our imaginations more intentionally and more positively.

Imagine you’re home alone and watching a scary movie. You soon find yourself realizing you’re setting yourself up for a restless night filled with nightmares and scary thoughts. What would you do at that point? Most people say, “I would change the channel to something more uplifting.”

That is exactly what we should do when we find ourselves overwhelmed by worry and negative thoughts; change our mental channel.

Let’s all stop turning our thinking over to routine or habitual thinking. Put your imagination to work intentionally and positively. Let’s focus our imagination on creating better relationships, teams departments, companies, families and communities.

Be your best self this week!

Have a great week!!

Bryan Yager

“Expanding Your Capacity for Success”